What Does 4×4 Car in Malaysia Mean and Why Do You Need It

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The term 4×4 is widely known and used to describe certain cars in Malaysia. Although it is quite popular, there are still people who are not able to comprehend the real meaning of a 4×4 car. If you are one of those people, then you are at the right place because we are going to discuss the details of a 4×4 car in Malaysia in this article.

The Meaning of a 4×4 Car

A 4×4 car or truck also referred to as 4×4 (four-wheel drive), indicates a vehicle with an engine that powers all four wheels equally. When we are discussing trucks and cars, typically, there can only be four types of vehicles: rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), or four-wheel drive (FWD).

These types of cars have benefits and flaws on their own, and the main difference is usually focused on the traction. For some people, traction is essential for severe weather, while some other people believe in the importance of handling and speed. Although these aspects might sound like an incredible improvement, the downside of sending power to all four tires is that it needs a more detailed engine configuration.

In addition to that, it also requires extra car weight, while users may experience a typical loss in energy consumption. Let’s get a better understanding by comparing this 4×4 car with another type of car!

The Difference Between 4×4 Car with Two-Wheel Drive Car

The difference between a 4×4 car and a two-wheel drive car is usually in their inner workings. As the name suggests, a two-wheel drive car powers the engine only to two out of the four wheels to make the car move. In case you are wondering, there are two types of two-wheel drive cars which are front-wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD).

With the modern vehicle engines placed towards the front, it makes FWD vehicles have the shortest drivetrain systems, requiring fewer parts, thus reducing costs, emissions and weight. On the other hand, RWD cars have much better acceleration and turning ability than FWD versions. First, they can push their own weight forwards instead of pulling them. Secondly, stating a turn from the back requires much less force.

4×4 Car Privileges in Malaysia

As previously mentioned, 4×4 car or four-wheel drive (FWD) refers to vehicles designed to provide four-wheel power independently so each wheel can move forwards or backwards without affecting the others. A 4×4 car is usually made for city driving, where it is important to not lose control of your vehicle. It is also designed for off-road driving, where it can provide extra traction.

In general, a 4×4 car has twice as much traction as a 2. 4×4 car occasionally combines a lock differential transmission to improve off-road performance. However, without getting too technical, the locking differential is secured with each other on the same axle of the two wheels. Hence, they can work together to provide better traction and still functions well, even if another is not working.

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Other than providing better traction and good off-road capability, a 4×4 car also comes with an elevated driving position. It can improve your driving experience by providing better visibility of roads and other vehicles and better accessibility with enhanced safety and security. Besides, a 4×4 car can give more space as it is larger than other vehicles.

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