Enjoy Smooth Mobility with ISUZU Elf Light-Duty Trucks for Sale in Malaysia

As the name suggests, ISUZU Elf Light-duty Trucks are created for smoother mobility. ISUZU Elf Light-duty truck has an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), which works to ease the drive and make it less stressful. ISUZU trucks are known for their high performance, including light-duty trucks. For example, ISUZU NLR PRO & 130 has an all-new 4JH1-TC engine with excellent output and torque. This proves the durability of ISUZU trucks for a large variety of applications.

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Other than that, ISUZU light-duty trucks are exteriorly designed with high rigidity and are efficient in their functionality. From their wide-angle outer mirrors for extra visibility of surroundings, 90 degrees door opening for effortless cabin access, a tubeless tyre with a wheel cap to provide higher load capacity, to a rear fog lamp that can give high visibility to other road users during inclement weather.

In short, the ISUZU Elf Light-duty truck is an ideal choice for businesses that want to maintain their operating budget.

Better Durability with ISUZU Forward Medium-duty Trucks

As a popular brand, ISUZU trucks in Malaysia does not consist of only one choice. Medium-duty trucks are here, offering a better durability option. This type of truck offers a bigger space and a more comfortable cabin. Other than that, it also has a bigger and more durable aluminum alloy fuel tank. It is also an easier body-building installation truck with its rivetless wider chassis.

The interior of this truck has a more flat area for easy access to the bed. The driver’s seat is created with an air suspension resting bed and a full-trim cabin interior. Hence, this truck is a more comfortable and safer design that you can consider. Besides, it is also designed with an enhanced digital meter with greater visibility of information.

If you are looking for a truck for sale in Malaysia, you can also visit ACM ISUZU’s nearest branch to make your own choice!

ISUZU Giga Heavy-duty Trucks forYour Fleet Solutions

Heavy-duty trucks are another type of ISUZU truck in Malaysia. Some useful features of ISUZU heavy-duty trucks are the double-layer chassis frame, aerodynamic cabin exterior design, multi-information display meter with 4-inch LCD monitor and steering switches for easier accessibility on the LCD monitor. In addition to that, this truck provides maximum comfort with an air suspension driver’s seat, ergonomic interior design and a curved designed dashboard.

Other specialities of ISUZU heavy-duty trucks are anti-lock braking systems, easy coupler attachment, electronic tilting cab, quick access front panel and tilt and telescoping power steering. This truck is suitable for big businesses and great for productivity improvement. Make your choice and know the details, like the truck price in Malaysia with ACM ISUZU and visit our nearest branch today!

FAQs about ISUZU Truck in Malaysia

Which ISUZU truck is the best seller in Malaysia?

ISUZU brand has been Malaysia’s Top-Selling truck for nine consecutive years, and in 2022, 5,573 units of light-duty trucks were sold which covered 42% of market share. Hence, light-duty is the best seller of ISUZU trucks in Malaysia.

What are the colour variants available for ISUZU trucks for sale in Malaysia?

The colour variants available for ISUZU trucks are white or it can be customised for every need.

Can I test drive an ISUZU truck at ACM?

You can book a test drive for ISUZU pick-up truck at ACM but not for ISUZU trucks. However, you can still visit our nearest outlets or contact us if you have any inquiries regarding ISUZU trucks.

What is the price range of ISUZU trucks in Malaysia?

The Price range for ISUZU trucks in Malaysia may vary according to model variant and body fabrication. Hence, you can contact our branch to know the detailed price and type of ISUZU truck offered at ACM.

What is the difference between light, medium and heavy-duty Isuzu trucks in Malaysia?

The differences between the three truck classes are their size, weight and usage of transportation. As the name suggests, heavy-duty trucks are used to transport large qualities of products and materials. Medium-duty trucks, on the other hand, are commercial vehicles specifically created to carry ‘medium-duty’. Lastly, light-duty trucks are mainly known for the transportation of small and light cargo.