The Best Versatile Pickup Truck in Malaysia

It is clear that ISUZU has the best pickup truck variants to choose from in Malaysia. You can choose your pickup truck according to your preference at ACM ISUZU! Among the pickup trucks that you can choose are D-Max X-Terrain, D-Max Premium, D-Max Standard, D-Max Auto Plus and D-Max Single Cab.

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Known for its versatility, ISUZU D-Max is the pickup truck that you can consider purchasing as they are strong to serve as a powerful workhorse. It is a perfect family transport for its comfortability and practicality. Other than that, ISUZU D-Max is safe on the road as it is supported by high-tech mechanics.

Feel Safe on The Road with ISUZU Pickup Trucks for Sale in Malaysia

ISUZU pickup truck in Malaysia comes with good safety systems that keep the driver and passengers safe at all times. Protected with the Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), it is a network of safety features that operate independently and automatically. Get your ISUZU D-Max at ACM nearest branch and feel safe on the road with state-of-the-art sensors and multiple cameras to monitor your surrounding environment!

The reason why D-Max ISUZU model is the best pickup truck in Malaysia is because of the safety guarantee offered. It is also tested and achieved a 5-star ANCAP rating as a safe vehicle in Australia. Despite the new and more strict testing in 2020, D-Max ISUZU still managed to achieve a 5-star ANCAP rating! This is the reason why you should consider getting this pickup truck from ACM!

Best-Selling Pickup Trucks for the Perfect Adventure

At ACM, you can choose six variants of ISUZU D-Max pickup trucks that offer a diesel engine in Malaysia. Talking about engine specs, the diesel engine displacement for D-Max ISUZU is 2999 cc. Depending on the variant, this pickup truck is available with both manual and automatic transitions. Another safety feature is also added with the Central Locking and Power Door Locks.

With its modern exterior design, spacious and comfortable interior, along with better over-taking performance and new smart technology, it makes ISUZU D-Max as the great pickup truck in Malaysia for multi-purpose use. You can contact our nearest branch to your location if you have any inquiries or book your pickup truck test drive with us today!

FAQs About Pickup Truck in Malaysia

What is the New model of ISUZU D-Max pickup truck available for selling?

ISUZU D-Max pickup truck has impressed a lot of people with its sophistication, comfortability and off-road capability. The 3rd generation ISUZU D-Max pickup truck range gets a refresh for the 2023 model year and it is better than ever. This latest range of D-Max features a fresh, bold design and loaded with advanced features that make it the ultimate choice for drivers who demand both style and functionality.

What are the type variants of ISUZU pickup trucks for sale?

At ACM ISUZU, you can get six variants of ISUZU D-Max, which are D-Max X-Terrain, D-Max Premium, D-Max Standard, D-Max Auto Plus and D-Max Single Cab.

What are the safety features available in ISUZU pickup trucks?

ISUZU D-Max come with one of the most comprehensive safety features available in pickup truck. Isuzu ALLSIGHT allows you to drive with confidence and peace of mind. Featuring over 30 safety features with Advanced Driver Assist System, Active Safety Features and Passive Safety Features. Experience the best-in-class safety and enhance protection with Isuzu ALLSIGHT, you will stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the ultimate safety companion on every drive.

What is the price range of ISUZU pickup trucks in Malaysia?

The price range of ISUZU pickup trucks in Malaysia may vary according to models. If you want to know the price details or have other inquiries about a specific model offered at ACM ISUZU, contact our nearest branch now to learn more!

Does ISUZU D-Max pickup truck available in automatic transmission?

Yes, all variants available in automatic transmission except for ISUZU D-Max Single Cab 1.9L & 3.0L.